CassetteNW #11

Song “Tributaries” written by “Scott Ryan”

Scott Ryan (vocals and guitar), Max Harnishfeger (electric guitar)

CassetteNW #10

Song “Holy Brook” written by “The Holy Broke”

Kent Ueland (vocals, acoustic guitar)

Kent is a big part of the Spokane Wa music scene. He books shows, he sells tickets, he writes, he sings, he is part of Terrible Buttons, and is currently doing some solo singing and songwriting as The Holy Broke. Kent wrote this song the day of this recording and I am excited to be able to share it with you.

CassetteNW #9

Song “You’re Mine” and “Nothing” written by Samuel Dickison

Samuel Dickison (vocals, acoustic), Jeremiah Grauke (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano), Bart Budwig (trumpet, vocals but not really)

Samuel Dickison is a Moscow Idahoan pulled wayward to the shores of Hawaii. On a quick visit home I got him into the studio with Jeremiah Grauke to record a couple new songs to my cassette. The practice was short, the laughs were hearty, the coffee was spiced, and the cassette ran out of tape. I love Samuel’s songs and was excited to hear some of his new material (before this I had to creep onto MySpace to get my fix).

Attention: The cleaner sound comes from a new cassette player/recorder I was trying out. The next CassetteNW will be consistent with the others.

Photo taken of a Pronghorn in Southern Idaho, by Ben Herndon.

CassetteNW #8

L.A. Beach written by Radiation City

Lizzy Ellison (vocals), Cam Spies (vocals, acoustic guitar, poor nonverbal communication skills), Randy Bemrose (vocals, strong tempo opinions), Matt Rafferty (vocals, acoustic guitar), Patti King (vocals).

This CassetteNW was recorded on a lazy afternoon in Portland just above Radiation City’s recording laboratory. The van was in good order, everyone was comfortable, I hit record…

Photo taken by Ben Herndon.


Song “All’s Well That Ends” by Justin Lantrip

Justin Lantrip (acoustic guitar, vocals), Cooper Trail (tambourine, floor tom)

I met Justin Lantrip a year ago when we had shows at the same time in Sandpoint Idaho (his hometown). That was neat and all but I didn’t get to see him play. Recently, he made a trek down to Moscow and Pullman to play shows. Not only did I get to catch his set over a couple glasses of hard cider but he came by my studio in Moscow, Idaho to record a CassetteNW. Cooper Trail of Mise’ and I were in the middle of recording when Justin stopped by. They agreed to make sweet music babies together.

Photo taken in the Sawtooth Mountain Range of Southern Idaho, by Ben Herndon.

CassetteNW #6

Song “Echo In The Valley ” by Car Cactus feat. Freestone

Luke Ydstie (vocals, Johnson and Slammer or in other words: electric guitar), Kati Clayborn (vocals, banjo), Brian “Freestone” Bovenizer (harmonica)

Astoria Oregon, one of my favorite places home to many of my favorite people. I got connected to Astoria via Holiday Friends and have since become friends with Luke, Kati, and Brian. Brian has hired me to run sound for multiple beer festivals in the area (he works for Fort George brewery and books bands for them as well). Brian, like me, loves old country and new, good country. He has an excellent knowledge of music and plays a mean John Prine song on guitar. He has joined me on drums at a couple of my shows in Astoria. It’s always a lot of fun to hang out with Brian and the fact that it normally involves good music and good beer only enhances it.

Luke and Kati are rad. They might be the nicest people ever. As I get to know them I am constantly impressed by how musically talented they are, how much love playing music it and sharing it with other people. Their skill has no pretention. It’s wonderful.

Luke and Kati’s current projects are Hook & Anchor and Blind Pilot (they probably have some other ones I don’t know about). Hook & Anchor are playing shows in the Portland area. I don’t believe they have any recordings yet so make sure you catch them live.

This CassetteNW was recorded in the main room of Holiday Friend’s house in Astoria Oregon.

Photo taken on the Oregon coast, by Ben Herndon.

CassetteNW #5

Song “Vision Quest” by Breathe Owl Breathe.

Micah Middaugh (acoustic guitar, vocals), Trevor Hobbs (organ thing, drums, vocals), and Andréa Moreno-Beals (cello, vocals)

While Breathe Owl Breathe isn’t from the NW, Palouse Washington is a second home to them. A small town between the border of Idaho and Canada (please note, this is geographically impossible). It is a mirage of trees, water, and hills in a vast dessert of green flowing wheat fields. The night I recorded this CassetteNW Breathe Owl Breathe put on a magical show featuring their new album Passage of Pegasus. Though tired from performing and driving all day they were kind enough to record to my cassette recorder after the show.

Photo taken in the rolling hills of the Palouse (Washington/Idaho), by Ben Herndon.

CassetteNW #4

Song “Pendleton Overcoat” by Alex VanTuyl

Alex VanTuyl (vocals)

Pendleton, a small town in the northwest corner of Oregon, where the only thing that will keep you warm through the long winters is a wool overcoat and whiskey. Alex VanTuyl’s songs, similar to harsh winters of the northwest are not for the faint of heart.

This song was recorded in a grain silo built in the early 1900s by Germans in Adna Washington.

CassetteNW #3

Song “Light’s On” written by Curt Krause (of Edmund Wayne)

Curt Krause (vocals, acoustic guitar)

I met Curt Krause (the songwriter for Edmund Wayne) in 2006 at open mic at The Nuart Theater in Moscow Idaho. We were both young songwriters. Curt had long flowing blonde hair and a beautiful voice. I thought he was Curt Cobain but found I was mistaken when he formed a rockin’ folk group (Buffalo Death Beam) a couple years later. It has been really great to get to know Curt and his music over the past few years. His latest project Edmund Wayne (based out of Seattle Wa) is a gritty combination of 1970s Country and modern Indie Rock. But really, that doesn’t make sense and genres aren’t much use so check out Edmund Wayne’s first release at

Legend tells me that Edmund and Wayne are Curt’s relatives. They mined Copper on the weekdays and drank whisky and started fights in Butte Montana saloons on the weekends.

Photo taken of Banks Lake in Washington, by Ben Herndon.

CassetteNW #2

Song “I’ll Take November” written by Katie Bouma (of Saticoy)

Katie Bouma (acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter), Gracie Saunders (vocals), Ruth Saunders (vocals)

Saticoy is a band made up of Saunders. A wonderful family local to the Moscow area. I have had the opportunity to record their last two albums and we have a third in the works. Katie Bouma writes songs of love and hope with a very real but also very positive perspective of humanity. Her lyrics paired with right-on sister harmonies and beautiful melodies always leave me feeling warm, fuzzy and impressed from head to toe.

Photo taken of Palouse Falls in Washington, by Ben Herndon.